Leider Ramírez Preciado

I'm a mechatronic in training and roboticist by vocation. I have spent almost 10 years in the world of robotics and each day I can marvel more, since then I’ve been working and developing many projects with different purposes, but always using robotics as a tool.

C/C++ programmer. Solidworks designer.

Enthusiast and passionate of Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I'm starting in the Maker's world and 3D printing. I believe that the DIY computing technology is ideal for learning, and philosophy DIWO helps create community. The Open Source quickens the development.

My university thesis was based on "swarm algorithms" and was launched in the platform LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 and was awarded like meritorious thesis. Currently I have as a future project to build a biomechatronics limb to help amputees, and work with bioinspired systems. I belong to the scuderia I-car Racing (SENA-Valle) and I am the leader of the group "The Huns" and we're creating our Sumo robot “ATILA”.

In my free time I write about news from the world of robotics. And soon I will begin to do it on my own website.

Available for Workshops or talks on Arduino, Electronics and Robotics. Email me for details.