Leif Jones

Hello! My name is Leif Jones and I am a current student at Full Sail University Online; I am majoring in Entertainment Business. I enjoy the Entertainment industry and what potential the future has in store for many of the industry's leading categories of entertainment; from technological, television, film, video game and music standpoints. I am personally interested in the video game industry, from a career standpoint, and as a gamer personally I have also participated in playing many different video game franchises over the course of my life; yes, there is a little geek in me and everybody one way or another ha! My favorite method of constructive work is through my foremost abilities as a writer; from professional, to creative pieces, I'm known for capturing the reader's attention. I am also very well connected with other means of Entertainment Business and general business work; I am very familiar with Microsoft Excel, Marketing (Online and Offline), and I have taken multiple courses in establishing and/or proving Managerial/Leadership skills.

  • Education
    • Full Sail University