Leigh Bundy

The concept of BEAST MODE AUSTRALIA was always burning deep down in Leigh Bundy’s heart. He just wasn’t sure how best to express it or create it at the time. Leigh has always been a leader. He was the captain of his football team and the captain of his basketball team when he was younger. He constantly found himself leading his friends and his family. Leigh has always had a burning desire to lead from the front. Leigh says himself, if he was in the army, he would be on the frontline always pushing forward. Leading people has always happened effortlessly for him.

In the past, Leigh worked in a 9-5 job as a bodyguard and a electrician. This never satisfied him. He always knew he was destined for bigger and greater things. He also struggled to take orders from “bosses” barking orders behind a desk and not leading by example. These people who displayed an obvious lack of genuine leadership drove Leigh to become an even stronger leader himself.

About 4 years ago, Leigh broke up with his ex-finance. Leigh called off the wedding 3 months before they were due to be married because the relationship just wasn’t working. They were growing apart rapidly. Leigh called it quits after being together for 9 years and being engaged for 2 years. During the break up, Leigh lost over $850,000 and went from living in a penthouse in Richmond, to moving back to his parent’s house. It was a beautiful home and a positive environment, but a massive dent in this man’s ego and life progression…

From this point in time, Leigh’s entire life spiraled downwards. He felt like he had lost it all. That is was a failure. That he wasn’t good enough. Leigh hit rock bottom, his life was at the lowest point it has ever been. Leigh locked himself in his room for over a month watching movie after movie and eating junk food all day. He was that emotionally broken that he actually lost the ability to speak. Leigh continued to become worse and worse, even with the amazing help of his family and friends. Nothing seemed to work. Nothing seemed to make him happy. Leigh became suicidal and was put under twenty-four-hour watch, and on several occasions, an ambulance was called to sedate him and take him to hospital because he was very mentally unstable.

As you can imagine, Leigh was at a cross road in his life very close to ending it… But he knew there was more to live for. So he picked himself up and tried to start living again. Leigh started to exercise, go for wa