Do you love your life now?

Whitsunday, Australia

Does your current occupation give you enough "ME" time freedom?

Hello, my name is Leigh, my business is Health Joy Success, I so grateful to be able to coach people to achieve their dreams of optimal wealth, health and to create more time in their life.

The meaning of life to me, is LIVING, not existing, not being caught up in the everyday rat race.

I enjoy learning how our MINDS work, our conscious mind and our subconscious mind.

I love our wildlife, predominately birds, having been a wildlife carer, I have rehabilitated hundreds of birds and released them back to the wild. Animals are very intelligent, we have many amazing stories about our loving experiences. I have an awesome family, which includes dogs, a cat and some birds as well as humans. Spending time with family, playing, talking, travelling, planning and achieving is what life is all about.

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