Leigh McCormick

Las Vegas

Native Vegan. Former broadcast journalist and art gallerist. Artist, photographer, poet, pagan philosopher. Co-host of the Talk with Vince show bringing metaphysical, magical and spiritual elements to the show as my AKA Ardriana Cahill http://www.vegasallnetradio.com/talk-with-vince.html Working on seven philosophy books for the pagan community under the banner of Legacy (c). www.ardrianacahill.com Organizing a collection of two poetry books and a book of Dark Fiction short stories. Sales and contributor to many blogs and websites both nationally and internationally. Content editor/writer writer/editor for local Write Magazine. Ghost writer, bios, press articles, web content for local artists and entrepreneurs. ~~~~~~~~~ Leigh McCormick~ Xseed Health and Wellness distributor 2870 Maryland Parkway # 230 Good Shepard (rehab biz offices) Wellness Clinic. 10am -6 pm, M-F. In partnership with a distinguished doctor, Dr. Loring Jacobs, helping patience get health, wellness and weight management. Building residual income for interested investors.

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    • www.leigh.xseedhealth.com Exec
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    • Associates Degree
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