Leigh Agustin

Makati City, Philippines

Leigh has the heart and the commitment in everything she does, making her work be the best. She has always wanted to pursue art but has been given the immense privilege of serving others and taking care of little angels by being a nurse at the Newborn Services and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

She hopes to travel the world someday and experience life at its utmost beauty. She appreciates the grandest things like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France to the forgotten ones like a dried up leaf on the ground; because she believes that anything and everything in the world has its purpose and is therefore beautiful. She has a beautiful voice that can serenade a crowd. She loves to draw and is gifted in multimedia arts and hopes to become successful in these aspects in the future.

She is madly in love with her Creator and is waiting for a man after God's own heart to take her away. She strongly believes in the power of faith, love and passion for life, as well as red velvet cupcakes and french caramel macarons.

  • Work
    • Newborn and NICU Nurse