Leighann Dudley

Actor, Musician, and playwright in Plano, Texas

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Hey there! I'm Leighann Dudley.

I'm 21 years old/a female, currently a student at Collin College studying Acting and Voice.

As a person, I tend to be much more quiet than you would expect. I come off loud and obnoxious as my cover, but I'm truly a ridiculous introvert. I'm slowly learning on changing that, and it's ridiculously hard to do.

I'm very thankful for the life I've been given, the chances to do what I love even when I mess up, and the people I've been blessed to know. They are all so amazing and ridiculously talented. I never feel like I'm good enough to even know any of them; but I do, and that's what matters! (: <3 peace.

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