Leigh Cato

Student in Melbourne, Australia

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Hi, I’m Leigh. I’m a student at Deakin University living in Melbourne, Australia. I am starting out on my PHD Creative Writing. I will be looking at baby boomer women who have left the respective religions of their youth but have a desire to adopt religious or spiritual connections later in life. I became interested in this topic while I was doing my Masters. I was researching baby boomer women who had felt they had become invisible as they approached middle age. During the interviews a though-provoking thread emerged among some of the women about how they felt an emptiness and a desire for something more which some articulated as a growing sense of mysticism. I intend to find out why. There are many possibilities of their motivations which I feel will affect the latter part of their lives. I will employ qualitative research and use my findings to craft a series of short stories. I am particularly interested in this as I myself am a baby boomer.I am a fan of writing, food, and travel.