Leigh Davenport

I am a multimedia storyteller with a speciality in digital media, including branded entertainment, video production and high-quality editorial.

Currently, I am the Editorial Director of HelloBeautiful.com, the #1 destination online for Black Women. While my most recent experience have led me to become quite the fierce internet diva, my passion is and has always been writing. That said, I think, engage, inform and study Black women, all day, everyday.

My non-traditional career trajectory is marked with diverse experiences. I began my professional career working as a production assistant for Vh1. As I grew as a producer, I landed gigs at BET, TV One and even journied to South Africa for a time to produce a music series for Channel 0, the premier music network for the continet.

Regardless of medium, I have never stopped loving the art of creating a compelling story, and most recently, my passion for screenwriting has become a full fledged obsession. Now that we live in a world where screens are transient, I'm not so sure that the "medium is still the message," but I am still convinced the right message will find the right medium(s). In this new digital world, I hope to tell stories that people can indulge in. That's the plan, until it evolves in to something else.