Leigh LeCreux

Oviedo, Florida

Leigh Le Creux – The Fearless Talkologist A busy mompreneur and a true celebrator of life, she is the avant-garde communication specialist. A natural spunky sleuth gifted in the art of conversation and storytelling, she utilizes her humor and her wisdom as a former lifetime escape artist, combined with harmonic love and intuition to empower others to speak out and share their stories fearlessly. Her deep rooted belief in the healing power of talkology and writing inspires women everywhere to move out of the world of hypocrisy and into an honest exploration of their hearts and souls to achieve a life of infinite abundance. Leigh has spent half her life in education in one form or another and the other half in sales and management. As an NLP Master Practitioner and a Trainer in both the Law of Attraction and Neuro Linguistics with a BACS degree specializing in Community Development, Developmental Psychology and Communications and English Literature, Leigh is an advocate in education and personal growth and an educator for catalysts of change. As an published author, natural teacher and public speaker - Leigh Brings humor and no-nonsense knowledge to every circle she enters.

  • Work
    • Self employed - Intended Creations / Living-Success-Now
  • Education
    • Riverview Rural High School
    • Cape Breton University