Leigh Lopez

"I love decadence in all its forms, I'm a true hedonist. I always go over the top and believe in living a fabulous life" - Leigh Lopez.

A holder of an MBA in Marketing, BFA in Interior Design, Diploma in Chemistry and Technical Aspects of Perfumery , Editorial Consultant, motivational speaker and passionate spokesperson for entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Leigh writes, research and host on holistic health from around the world. Employing her entrepreneurial business skills, Lopez started on her own as a Natural Soap Formulator and became immediately sought after. In 2008, Leigh opened The Soap Kitchen Trinidad, the Caribbean's must-shop-at store for those with discriminating, yet fashionable skincare taste.

In 2011, Leigh decided to re-structure her companies offerings and created West Indian Skincare Co. which comprises of several brands. Leigh, specializes in all natural and organic products. It's the combination which makes her business innovative, flexible and an accelerator of growth. In addition, Leigh has designed a fashion/home line which will debut next February and will consist of candles, potpourri, incense sticks, kitchen teas and gourmet salts to name a few.

Leigh and her sister Mia have teamed together and launched Beauty Crush, here, they seek to empower women through beauty, understanding that outer beauty helps women to develop and grow inner confidence. Leigh has also designed a line of Spanish-inspired jewelry with Virgin Saints and Angels to honor her heritage.

Through West Indian Skincare, Leigh has created SoapforLife which is based on Leigh's expert experience in the soap making industry and knowing that crafting soap can in fact assist with poverty and enable rural communities to become agents for change, responsible for their own development. And SoapforHearts foundation, is Leigh's project to help those who have been hurt in their heart and body.

SoapforHeart chooses one charity per year and they craft a soap bar or skincare product especially for them and all net proceeds is donated to the chosen charity.

When not working, Leigh spends her time with her three Sundar Popo's (sweet babies), painting, making mosaic creations in her studio or artfully blending fragrances.

Leigh, currently makes her home in Trinidad, West Indies.