Leigh Nannini

From the start, Leigh Nannini always liked to venture out of her comfort zone. At 2, she secretly cut a hole in her home’s screen door and was often found wondering aimlessly around her parent’s enormous back yard in Cornwall, New York. Since that moment more than 28 years ago, Leigh has anxiously awaited “her next stop,” whether it be Cairo, Egypt or Canal Street in New York City’s Chinatown. She’s taught English in Bangkok, Thailand, through the world’s largest student run organization, AIESEC. She’s also peeled dragonfruits in Saigon, climbed the pyramids in Giza, and ordered countless meals from vending machines in Tokyo. Her essay An Affair to Remember, about mistakenly wearing jeans to a black-tie wedding, appeared in New York Press in July 2007. An article featuring her Semester at Sea experience will run in Metro newspapers across the nation this month. Leigh received a bachelor’s degree in television/radio from Ithaca College, where she was the Director of Public Relations for the school’s Community Service Network. She currently lives in Cornwall, New York, and works with her grandfather, mother, father, two brothers, and husband at both family businesses—a stone quarry and Christmas tree farm. Leigh also blogs about relationships with her husband Oscar at www.hiswithhers.com. Prior to moving back to her hometown, she worked in the Communications Department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Leigh has also recorded various audiobooks for students with visual impairment disabilities.