Leigh Seaman

Producer in Tennessee

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I'm a freelance producer and writer with A-Z experience in field, episode, and series production for all forms of media including TV, video, digital, radio, corporate, and the occasional kids soccer game.

I have been a show runner and Exec Producer on several series, but also continue to enjoy the excitement of field producing, story producing, and series management.

With a current passport and experience shooting on three continents, I can go anywhere. Whether inside a studio in NYC or on a fishing boat in Hong Kong, I easily adapt to an existing show model or can help develop and launch a new one. Simultaneously managing budgets, crews, and content are all part of the job.

As a writer, I am credited in short-form through documentary length, as well as digital and print.

On TV, Lifestyle programs are my current forte, and I have a diverse background that includes news, sports, talk, medical, and corporate.

I'm happy to provide more specific credits and references. A good place to learn more about my experience is by clicking the credit listings above or the LinkedIn logo below.