Leigh Shaw

Thank you for taking an interest in me and what i do. My goal is to help as many businesses in the midlands succeed and grow by using the internet in right way. If you would like some free advice on SEO Conversion, feel free to ring me direct on 0121 523 7214. Im passionate about getting local companies to use the internet correctly and generate the results that they could truly be achieving. In my experience a lot of small businesses waste money that they don’t have on ineffective ways to market themselves online. I will make sure your money spent counts when looking to internet marketing. I provide the means to not only get you seen online but then to take the next step with you and guarantee to have you generate more leads once that attentions turned to you. This is not just search engine optimisation, this is SEO Conversion. I am the new business development executive for WOW Internet, and we have a combined experience of 15 years in the web industry. We have inside knowledge to make your website generate business for you, and we can GUARANTEE it. Last year whist working for a major blue chip Company I helped numerous businesses achieve major online success by finding the right blend of SEO that worked for them. I am now delighted to be working for Wow Internet where I can offer my skills and experience to business in the midlands area. In 2011 i am looking to connect with and talk to as many sales directors and marketing directors as possible in the Midlands and surrounding areas. When im not helping people i love to spend time in my hometown of Wolverhampton with friends. Also art is a large part of my life as i love playing music, writing and painting.