Leigh Teslow

Does Investing in Social Media Advertising Pay for Hoteliers?

Last week, I presented at the 2015 EyeForTravel Social and Mobile Strategies conference on "Navigating the Pay-to-Play Social Media Landscape." In this talk I discussed followers and likes on instagram how to invest wisely in social media advertising to ensure return on investment, and ways to use social media advertising to reach the right audience at the right time throughout every touch point of the travel planning journey.Social media can be a risky business. Make sure you protect your brand and keep within the law. It’s also worth drawing up a social media policy for your firm so that all your social media conversations are on message, no matter which member of the team is posting content.Once you’ve got into good social media habits, you can set fresh objectives and try to improve your results. This could include anything from boosting your connections to getting more out of groups on LinkedIn. Social media tools can also help you to manage and measure your day-to-day activity on sites like Twitter.As businesses continue to try to redefine themselves in this new technology-driven world, customers are crucial to those changes. While a CEO may automatic likes instagram not be required to spend all day retweeting respected colleagues or posting insightful comments on Facebook, it is important that they realize the value of social media in driving decisions. Realizing that value is the first step toward beginning to look at the numbers and use them to drive decisions.

How to Create Custom Audiences

Retailers can also build out these types of audiences based on users that visited their website or people who signed in through their mobile app. Custom Audiences, according followers and likes on instagram to Facebook make it easy to target specific customers using standard targeting, such as demographics and location.For more on how to create a Custom Audience visit Facebook Business.Custom Audiences are a valuable tool to Facebook advertisers because they allow retailers to reach customers they already know are likely to convert with their brand.Marketers can upload a list of email address or phone numbers to help deliver targeted ads to these specific Facebook users.As social media continues to influence everything businesses do, everyone from the CEO to the new summer intern will need to realize the part it plays in day-to-day duties. Those professionals buy instagram pictures likes will be forced