Leighton Cantrill

Melbourne, Australia

I have the skills, abilities and initiative to save you time, money and frustration finding and attracting the talent you are looking for. And, then I can help you build a great team out of them.

From my most recent employer:

Let's just say it up front: Leighton is a Human Resources professional with values. His ability to engage people combined with a sense of humour has allowed him to negotiate a spectrum of recruitment and Human Resources roles across international cities such as Sydney, London, Melbourne and most recently Vancouver.

He has over 10 years in the recruitment and Human Resources world and thus understands the benefits of simple things like being straight forward, following up and listening well. Trained in the art of recruiting through social media, Leighton uses these and other methods to find the people who are perfect for any position. Being adaptable to almost any situation has helped bring Leighton some key successes throughout his career.

A recent personal profile indicated that I am:






And that I have a ... "greater-than-average ability to see many shades of grey, and to identify the subtle complexities of issues that others may miss."

Outside of work, I am blessed to be happily married and I love an adventure, as well as a laugh. I am genuinely thankful for the life that I have been blessed with, the journey that I am on and the God that I follow.

I am always interested in connecting with new people and opportunities - send me a email or connect on LinkedIn and we can chat!