Leila Abdel-Malak


I believe the ability to do things better and differently is the cornerstone of human prosperity. As a Senior International Finance and Human Resources Executive, I have 15 years of extensive experience in Corporate Finance Management, Financial Analysis and Reporting, and Strategic Human Capital Management . My goal has always been to work bring innovation and synergy to organizations.

I excel at building relationships, growing valuable business networks, and mentoring talent. For me, there is nothing like a close, highly-focused, core group of executives working collaborating and partnering to grow companies, markets, and revenues.

My demonstrated talent for engaging/managing executive key decision-makers and stakeholders across different entities of the organization and converging diverse interests enables development of common purpose and aligned execution. I nimbly analyze, assess, and read a situation quickly, and then take the right prescriptive action while building rapport and agreement. This enables me to drive optimum team and a “win-win environment”.

My cross-functional expertise in human resources management, finance, and operations has enabled me to produce proven success in structuring lean corporate organizations and improve processes for P&L performance.

I am known for bringing together both sides of the business equation, both human and financial, to drive management initiatives, organizational transformation and implementing strategy into operations for diverse industries including Telecom, Risk Consultancy, Real Estate Development, Advertising and Public Relations

I am passionate about and successful at attracting the best talent, training, and seeing them develop into an effective and dedicated workforce. I am continually challenged to motivate a group of engaged individuals to build an efficient and productive business resulting in success to the bottom line.

  • Work
    • Regional Head of Human Resources
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Business Administration and Computer Science