Leila Boukarim


Years before I had children, I never thought I wanted them. But the day I had my first, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. My children have made me who I am today. They are my heart, they are my soul, they are the air that I breathe. They are my everything. My four year old is a Highly Sensitive Child. My husband and I didn’t always know that. We knew that he always stood out in every group he was a part of, in ways that were both good and not so good. And although we knew how amazing he was, not everyone could see it. He is often misunderstood by family members, other children, and his teachers. We finally put our finger on what this was when I discovered Elaine Aron and her book, The Highly Sensitive Child. After having read the book, it all started to make sense. I started to speak with other parents of Highly Sensitive Children, and it was like hearing our story over and over again. After four years filled with challenges, worry and also lots and lots of joy, I am now confident that I know my child better than anyone else does. I know why my son acts the way he does in certain situations. I know what causes him to be anxious. I know what he enjoys. I know that he reasons like an older child. I know that he loves deeply. I look at him in awe and admiration. He has made me a better person. He is my inspiration. It makes me proud to say that it was my son and his love for books that motivated me to start writing children's books. Books have played a very important role in helping our son to grow stronger, more confident, and more capable. We have read (and own) well over a thousand books. My son is so inspired with the right stories, and loves his books so much, he was reading on his own at the age of 3. He is the reason I dream of reaching as many Highly Sensitive Children as I can with books that don't set impossible standards. Books that understand that children don't fit a specific mold, although it may feel that way. Books that get that birthday parties, sprinklers and the playground are not fun for everyone.

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