Leila El Lebbar

Actually student in her fourth year at the national school of business and management. Leila, 21 years old, is born on 11 december 1991. To begin with, my only wish and goal is to succeed, one day, in the marketing field.

Well, I think that I'm a kind person, sociable, ambitious and also perfectionnist. My negative sides are that I can be impatient and stubborn too. I want to develop my skills, and hope to create my own company in the future. I listen to random types of music, but what I really like is the following genres : blues, soul and pop music are my favorites. I also like, watching movies and series, "cinema is my passion". What I enjoy doing too is going out with my friends, having a good time and as Epicure said "Enjoying every second we live".

My number one dream is to be able, soon, to travel all around the World, to discover new cultures and landscapes, different people, and their way of thinking about Life and its aspects.. Such experiences are for me, the most important and enriching ones!