Leila Ertel

San Francisco, CA

Hey, I'm Leila. I've had my name mispronounced nearly every day for my entire life. This is likely because of the way it is spelled and a certain Eric Clapton song. It is pronounced "ly-luh," as in Delilah. It is not pronounced "Leela," "Layla," or the inexplicable "Lea," which leaves out the second "L" entirely.

I live in San Francisco in a little known neighborhood called ChinaNob. Here, I have found myself working in marketing and social media. I am sorta funny and pretty artistic. Combined, that makes me just creative enough to do this and do it very well.

I have experience in Fashion and Food & Beverage marketing. First, with Bureauoftrade.com and now with Mason Pacific restaurant and A.G. Ferrari Foods in San Francisco. Here, you will find links to my personal social media. If you would like examples of my professional work, please email me.

  • Work
    • Marketing Manager, Murano Group
  • Education
    • Master Degree
    • Public Administration