Leila Kama

Artist in France

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A Free Spirit, that only Justice & Truth can tame. A poet sharing her words with the universe, inspired by this amazing togetherness beyond borders & walls. A dreamer making a stand for Love, Freedom & Justice

The Poet is the author of two Books of Poetry : RISE SOUL RISE and AKAL Terre Mère, edited in 2015 by Iḍ sur le NIL.

She has been sharing her words & vibes between Paris, Lille & London, dreaming of walking across the world. So many Lands we can feel in her words & Music.

Indeed, she’s been working with artists from Congo, Haïti, Gabon, Central Africa, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Senegal… Together they’ve recorded some Poetic Musical tracks with powerful words, letting Art carry her away back to her Roots & MoterLand.

Leila Kama is the Art Director at Iḍ sur le NIL that she founded in 2014 with her brother Mehdi Noui, a devoted history teacher. Iḍ sur le NIL is an international Blog of Spoken Word, a label for music & book edition, spreading the Art of writing & freedom of speech across the world.

Through her work, she’s joining the universal artistic movement, awakening the spirit to elevate the Soul.

Rise Soul Rise !