Bradley Leimer

Consultant in San Francisco, California

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Bradley Leimer is a fintech strategist, thought leader and practitioner in the digital banking space. In his most recent role as Head of Innovation/Fintech Strategy at Santander U.S., his team connected the bank to the fintech ecosystem and served as an observatory for the Santander global organization for trends originating in the U.S. that have potential to expand and accelerate globally. He has additional perspective leading marketing and technology efforts from within the bank and credit union industry and from a decade driving database marketing and analytic programs for more than 6,500 financial services clients. Bradley writes and speaks about banking and technology trends, and advises several startups and key industry conferences in the financial and payments space.

Twitter: @leimer

About Me

I play in these interesting spaces between technology, marketing, and human behavior. My personal mantra is simply to make banking better. I do this by evangelizing bank 3.0 and engagement banking strategies, which can be best described as a marketing, sales, and service model that deploys technology to achieve both customer intimacy and scale. A critical component of these efforts is understanding customer behavior and predicting where that behavior is moving and how it will eventually impact banking's evolving business model.

We don’t design or learn in a box. I am continually learning from (and hopefully contributing to) the growing community of fintech innovators and disruptors. You need to act as a catalyst to help lead the adaptation to rapidly changing environments. To drive organizational agility, you need to foster curiosity, critical debate, a cycle of test and learn, and the occasional corporate rebellion. Whether in the form of a lab, a sandbox, or an incubator, create spaces where innovation can thrive, where failure is analyzed, and iterative improvements can be achieved.

  • Work
    • Santander Bank N.A.
  • Education
    • UC Berkeley