Leira Satterthwaite

Bucyrus Ohio

Hi my name is Valaire I'm 14 and I'm Russian! My birth parents had 3 kids 2 boys and a girl (which is me). When my birth mom had me she was a drinker..she would drink all day.. So she couldn't take care of my 2 brothers and I..we got token away from our birth patents when my brothers were 6 and 2 and I was only 1! My brothers went to stay with our grandma but I had to stay somewhere else that was 3 hours away from my family...my brother and I got adopted in 2004! My life was better than when I was in Russia but my adopted family and I mostly had just stress everyday..so my parents were yelling all the time! I was bullied for 9 years straight but now i don't take it ever sense 2012! It was like this until 2013 when we found out that my adopted mom had lung cancer...on 10/31/13 my adopted mom passed away:(! Ever sense I've not been myself lately...but I'm trying to get through it with the help if friends and family! Mostly my boyfriend Kyle Myers is the one who is always there for me!