Jon Leirdal

Software Engineer and Architect in Norway

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Hi, I have been working with IT since the middle of the 90's and have been doing everything from software development, beeing a webmaster to beeing a business developer and solution architect. Almost everything I have done has been centered around the web and Internet. I went to university back in 1991-1996 at NTH/NTNU in Norway where I studied Systems development. 1996-1998: I worked at Cinet as a software developer 1998 - 2001: I worked at Storebrand/Storebrand Bank, where I also tried my hand at developing an internet banking solution. 2001-2006: I worked in Ergo Solutions/Ergo Group as, among else, an architect, business developer, advisor, developer and project leader. 2007-2010: I worked at Computas as a chief consultant, mainly doing portals and social software. 2011-2012: I worked at Norske Systemarkitekter AS, as a chief consultant. Still I mainly work with web, but also with mobile solutions. 2013-present: I am working at Steria AS as a senior consultant. Web, java, architecture and mobile. Hobbies: My main hobby is photography. I am an avid amateur always striving to become better.