A. Lekan Bashua

Founder in Atlanta, Georgia

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I Passionate about My Wife, My Kids, My Family, Travel, Technology, Business and Great Design.

I love pondering the future. I can't wait for it to arrive. I wake up every day thinking about how to get there sooner. I'm a "do-er" who's trying to build that future with others.

I'm a Technologist, Strategist, Futurist and Marketer at heart.

I'm also excited by the prospect of "Africa Rising" and how the "Cheetah Generation" can contribute. I'm looking forward to a great future for Africa and her interaction with the rest of the world!

Places I've lived

Africa - Europe - United States

Languages I Speak

English, French, German, Yoruba & Common Sense :-)

  • Work
    • turnstone
  • Education
    • Morehouse College
    • St. James School
    • Vienna International School