Lauren Kelly

Amherst, Massachusetts, United States

I am currenty a student at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I am double majoring in marketing and economics. I am a member of Delta Sigma Pi and I am on the UMass Belly Dance team, during my free time I volunteer for many non-profit organizations. My ideal career would incorporate all three of my primary passions: fashion, traveling and photography.

Ever since I was fifteen I was interested in pursuing a career in fashion. I love how you can create just about any look and no one is going to have the exact same style as you. I love how cultures all around the world have different fashion trends which combines my passion for fashion with my love to travel.

Ever since my first trip out of the United States I really fell in love with traveling. Exploring somewhere completely new and soaking up all that a place has to offer is one of the greatest feelings. I have been traveling all across the United States since I was three years old. As I got older I started documenting my trips through photography. I have probably close to fifty thousand photographs total from all the places I have traveled too. It's nice to know that I can essentially look back on any point in my life and re-live it.

I am a hard worker and I am dedicated to my three passions. My dream job would incorporate all three of these passions into one exciting career!

  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst