>>> Le Khac Man <<<

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


I'm Mẫn from Sài Gòn - Việt Nam.

Even though I'm an introvert, I'm an opened-minded person and a challenge taker. That's part of my job. I'm learning to be an extraordinary hi-tech entrepreneur.

I'm interested in broad areas, but mostly Technology, Marketing, Strategy, Management, Psychology and Photography.

Many friends of mine find that I'm extremely helpful in many sophisticated areas such as Information Technology, Mathematics, and Economics. I'm also a "book library" of others. This is because I own a huge collection of e-books. And yes, I love to read.

Note: the background is one of my favorite shots. It's taken during the period I began learning about photography. I was in an apricot garden with the owner (left) and my friend - an interior designer (right).

  • Work
    • Institute of International Business Management
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Business - Marketing