Jeannot Lekoba

Driver of Infrastructure Development in Africa in Greensboro, North Carolina

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An experienced management professional in the retail industry, Jeannot Lekoba recently shifted his focus to development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He leads as president of The Children of Hope, a foundation that provides physical necessities and educational opportunities to children who have been orphaned or abandoned by their families. Jeannot Lekoba helps to improve the quality of life of these children, whom he assists in acquiring job and life skills when they reach their late teens.

Jeannot Lekoba is also in the process of establishing a political presence in Congo. He intends to arrange for the building of schools, hospitals, and similar public resources, while also advancing agriculture. In this endeavor, he draws on his experience in geologic analytics and surface coal mine engineering as well as project management.

Jeannot Lekoba comes to his work with an associate degree in political science and undergraduate degrees in both human resources management and business administration. Adept in overseeing multiple projects and coordinating across organizations, he has a proven history of establishing relationships with government agencies.