Leland Lehrman

Teacher in Hillsdale, New York

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Leland worked with early computers to develop portfolio analysis tools before studying Environmental Science and Policy at Yale. Focusing on technology and socially responsible investing in the nineties, his market analysis and internet firm advised clients regarding a successful early stage investment in Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry PDA.

His firm then merged with digital venture BKL Media. As BKL's Chief Technology Officer, he developed a broad range of intellectual property in content management, artificial intelligence and social networking, parts of which went into the development of Nexus Holdings Group, a major shareholder in AI image recognition firm Milabra.

Now married with four children, Mr. Lehrman left the technology business world in 2001 to live with his wife in her home country, the Czech Republic for two years. Returning in 2003, he spent six years working national and state political campaigns, editing a newspaper and directing legislative political action on foreign policy, election reform, public fund investment policy and renewable energy with his company Mother's Arms in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2009, he capped his career in New Mexico working for the President of the New Mexico Senate, Timothy Z. Jennings overseeing the State's $25B public pension and endowment funds. His effort to move New Mexico's pension and endowment funds towards greener investments was controversial given the political environment, and he began to focus more on private sector opportunities.

Working within the political world, Mr. Lehrman saw up close the massive impact the private sector has on environmental policy and impacts, so he launched Fund Balance with his partners to capitalize and catalyze change at the intersection of environmental and social policy and investing. Moving to New York State in 2010, he lives in Hudson River Valley with his wife and four children, developing farm communities around organic CSAs and artisanal communities with the Hawthorne Valley Association.

I am an experienced policy and capital markets professional, having raised substantial amounts of money for early stage ventures and advised major public and private sector clients regarding environmental and socially innovative opportunities across all asset classes.

My goal is to integrate public and market-based policies in a synergistic way to improve the environment and quality of life.