Lena Zilberberg

I won't rest till there's a gray's anatomy episode about me where they cut me open and try to put some sense into me. I'll never be the best in the world at anything. But I damn well am in my house. My superpowers are watching tv upside down on the couch while texting. I'm a member of the CSI-"Can't.Stand.Idiots". I'll date a man for his paycheck but I'm not a whore. I live for the night I can't remember with the people I can't forget. My religion is riding my bycicle with heels. In the battle between dying old any lonely and lowering my standards, I choose harakiri. Sometimes I'm such a nerd I can't believe I get laid then I remember I have boobs. If Waldo was a cupcake I'd find Waldo like, really fast. I wanna be buried in my underwear, so I can lap dance my way to the top. I'm only responsible for my good qualities. bank accounts, diamonds and dicks- things that can never be big enough.