Lele Dada

Established since 2009,hot new duo LeLe & DaDa, have been rising straight to the top. Known as the "God Sisters of Hip-Hop", these young entertainers are showing the world that it's just not music, its their way of life. This dynamite duo consists of Kaneisha"LeLe" James,15, and Diamond "DaDa" Jackson,16, repping the A.U.G( Augusta, Ga )area. With their fun-filled,youthful lyrics, they are bringing positive images back to hip-hop, while displaying deeper mature meanings. Their first single,"Who Said", displayed the girls beliefs that they could accomplish success, no matter their ages.They stand firmly on the importance of staying in school and stopping the violence. At the end of every performance, LeLe & Dada encourage their fans to "Keep God first in everything you do". LeLe & DaDa are more than just rappers. Their songwriting skills,positive girly image and delightful stage presence has giving them the total "Artist" package.

Looking forward to debuting their self entitled album,"LeLe & DaDa", the duo is also producing their very first TV Show. They have also formed The Million Girl Hugs campaign,which takes a stand against statutory rape and child molestation. They are launching a clothing line in 2012,entitled Le’Das for girls and Le’Does for boys. With shows ranging from community events to birthday parties to school proms, LeLe and DaDa's music is a fresh reminder that Hip-Hop comes in all different sizes. Everyone has dreams and goals,but LeLe and Dada are going for theirs to the extreme. LeLe & DaDa are working towards not only becoming a common household name but to becoming Hip-Hop Icons!!