Jelena Martinović


I know who I am, I know what I like, I know what I would like and what I don't like, but, nevertheless, I'm still searching for myself. World is so perfectly big and amazing and everything I do, explore and experience could change me. And it will change me. So, I am using every chance to learn and develop myself to be a better person and professional.

For now, I'm 26 years old. Young HR and communications professional. Just a regular "twentysomething" girl. Ordinary. And extraordinary. I am a daydreamer. Perfectionist. Sleepwalker. Traveler wanna be. Daughter, grand daughter, friend, sister. Dancer. AIESECer for life. Clumsy. Loving Belgrade. Learning to sew. Talking really fast. And still learning how to drive. I'm still expecting for big things to happen and figuring myself out.

Sometimes I still feel like a child 'cause of all that happiness I find in a small things. Seeing that first three that bloomed. Smell of the rain. Sound of my mum making coffee in the morning, while I'm still in the bed. Toy stores. Book stores. Books. Plane flights. Drinking coffee while working in the cafe. Laying on the beach with a friend and trying to hit clouds with small rocks. Cooking. Writing. Watching old movies for the first time.

I love to feel. I love experiencing world around me. Acting like I see somethings for the first time, just to recall that feeling. Being tourist in my own city. I'm simple. And I'm complicated. I like being me.

My life is a playground. My life is a search. My life is colorful.

  • Work
    • ABC Design
  • Education
    • Faculty of Organizational Science