Lella Princess Pants

Canberra, Australia

Hi Guys, I am an Australian woman in her mid to late twenties, I have a passion for art, people and my adorable cats. I lived with Chronic Pain for the past 14 years, which has developed into a disease called Fibromyalgia. I have recently been diagnosed with Arthritis and I have Depression and Anxiety. I want to help provide a space where Spoonies like me are safe and supported. I want to share some of the fun, the sceince, the difficulties and the desperations that come from a life of Chronic Pain and Fibromyagia.

I subscribe to a life aware of myself, my actions and the enviorment I live in as a method of treating myself and finding a life that is worthy of living within the limits of my health. I hope to share parts of that with you. I view my health and my life as my full time job. I attempt to work casually/part time but learning to live life in the slow lane is my full time employment.

I have spent the last six months attempting to renovate and decorate my own house. In what has been unsurprising for all but me, trying to get a whole house sorted in three months, as was my goal, was far to much of a job for a person with disability. I aim to finish this job very slowly over the next several years.

I am trying to learn new tricks. I pass my days learning to cook well, not just for survival, to build up my strength and stamina, to garden, to sew, to maintain my house and to help fellow spoonies. I am continuially looking for ways to

I have two beautiful cats, who rule the house and myself. They often pop in and poke their noise around and leave not only their fur but their cuteness around my world, and I couldn't wish it any other way.