LeManuel Kittrell

This is a little of me and my life. I am currently a student at Valdosta State University. I am a strong believer of Jesus Christ. One thing i value most in life is family. I stand by a key known as loyalty i feel as though not only am i very protective about my blood family but my spiritual family and brotherhood as well. I enjoy playing sports and my favorite subject is math. I am also trying to be involve in a lot of clubs and activities this year. Starting with joining Collegiate Men this fall semester, i will also be involved in some modeling, as well as pormotion groups for school and campus events. I am a great people's person and i love making people laugh. I participated in wrestling, football, and track at Fitzgerald High School. I even got the chance to experience another country through my wrestling career. I am a humble, chill, and laid back person. There is a lot more to me than meets the eye so be careful not judge a book by it's cover.