Lemau the Shampoofan

Rabid Shampoo fan (Ranma ½). I am in a relationship with Kitty Ocean. I also like other things, like other funny anime, music by Caro Emerald or The Offspring, Mass Effect and quite a lot of old games, like Stunts, Hi-Octane and Dune II. I am a Trekkie, although not as fervent as I used to be, and a Brony. I enjoy browsing Twitter, YouTube(especially Zero Punctuation) and Imgur.

I dislike religion and politics (or especiallyany combination thereof). I don't like when franchise names are being abused to market something different (Like when GTA stopped being top-down or the Star Trek reboot, hereafter referred to - if at all - as The Abominations), and Star Wars, although the latter not because it's shit (it's not), but because of the Trek thing. I also do not appreciate rampant extremist feminism, misandry and other forms of unnecessary sexism. Coincidentally, I also dislike general stupidity and apathy. It is a necessity from time to time, but more often than not, misused.