Lemon Squeeziy

Republic Polytechnic

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeeziy

You're tired. Worn Out. Yet you still have that shirt to iron.

Or that essay you just gotta write.

What else can a student do but sigh and get to it? Right?


Well, maybe not.

We, the Lemon Squeeziy, bring you all you need for the smooth, relaxing life you so desperately want.

Polytechnic students ourselves, we are Year 2 Mass Communication students who have made it our goal to ease this education-driven path we are on into a carefree, more relaxing lifestyle.

From our 'Get Ready for School in just 10 minutes!' article to cooking tips to fashion lifestyle, we offer you shortcuts & way outs to tasks.

After all, we believe in doing less, but accomplishing more.

What are you waiting for?

Check our Blog. Subscribe, Follow. You know what to do.

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