Hi I'm Kyoko. I'm 21 years old. Born March 17th 1990, in Knoxville TN. I'm southern girl. I'm proud of it. and I'm also very proud of the fact I'mand American. I Love all things Japanese. My favorite Band is X Japan. I worship hide. I'm a Lesbain. I'm Taken. I'm Engaged to my best friend. I love her with all my heart. We've been together for 4 years. ((JUNE 18th 2007)) :d

I joined this site b/c I was very happy to support non-bullying. I know it can be hard on some people just b/c they are different. I was bullied in high school b/c of my height. (I'm currently 5'2") and I've been bullied for being just plain different. So It's nice to see this being taken seriously. It's just a shame that so many people have lost there lives b/c of this.

Well yeah that's all for now ^^

One day, I was walkin' the street,Lookin' for the music , any surprise.
Then it happened suddenly
I hear, I hear
I don't care.
Everybody so Hate it, Hate it
Because Ah hahaha
I've got a sweet poison cake, gonna be high
Take me higher higher
I've got a sweer creature song,
It's a lemon, lemon lemon & I scream