Lemon Law Lawyer

The California lemon law covers vehicle defects and refunds financial expenses caused by the manufacturer that weren't fixed during the reasonable number of repair attempts. The California Lemon Law protects all consumers that buy or lease cars, trucks, motorcycles, small planes, personal planes, boats, yachts and RVs. According to the law, every customer that buys or leases a product with a written warranty is protected by the law. Owners of problematic or defective cars are entitled to receive their cash and be defended.

However, there might be cases when you come with constant car problems, and the automaker refuses to resolve them. If you faced a lemon, the CA lemon law attorney will fight for you throughout California. The Law Office of Hovanes Margarian is experienced in handling lemon car cases and protecting consumers from being a victim of lemon law. Here you can refer to the attorney Hovanes Margarian, who has a good knowledge of lemon law cases. Feel free to turn to our Office for free consultation and case review. Our sample results will help you understand the faithfulness of your choice. We appreciate your time and consideration that make our work rewarding and worthwhile.