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Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) is an initiative of Lemon Ideas & is based in Nagpur. LSE adopts a radical & offbeat philosophy with no affiliation to any Academic body. We believe in ‘Learning by Doing- LBD’ & ‘Learning through Reflection- LTR’ methodology which helps in entrepreneurial journey of an individual. The flagship program GPE2I (Global Program in Experiential Entrepreneurship) was started in August 2015.

The program includes learning of subject knowledge with skill-building in the phase of Six months which includes ideation, piloting of idea, Customer empathy, business modeling etc… with final launch of venture as an outcome. Mentoring & interaction with the real start-ups & Entrepreneurs is the key to LSE’s program offering. It’ a unique program with assured result of venture creation.

We have started offering Business Training Workshops to aspiring & existing start-ups associated with Colleges, Chambers, Industry Association, Community & Entrepreneurship networks etc……

Services & Generic:-

- Six months full time Experiential program

- Customized Business training workshops like Entrepreneurship Acumen & orientation, Idea to Reality, Ideation & Idea Validation, New Age Business, Innovation for growth, Digital marketing etc…..

- Mentoring

- Partnership (as a knowledge partner) with Colleges, Academic Institutions, Universities as ‘Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Partner’- IEDP or support in setting up Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Incubation cell or support in raising funds / grant from Govt. on various schemes

Lemon Graduation Day was celebrated in April 2016 to celebrate the success of LSE 2015 cohort wherein HipLogic, Buzzinga Labs & CreatiFox were incubated during the same month. Another three start-ups Food Dairy, Web Beta & LoLo was included in the pool in August 2016.

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