Kundan Shendurkar

We are living in an era where “sameness” dominates the Filmscape. The same imagery. The same effects. The same production values. Film after film, it’s the same thing that’s being churned out with factory like regularity. Again and again.
Try this…take away the logo of a company in one of these ad films and substitute it for another. Chances are, you won’t be able to tell the difference.
This is where Lemontree’s craft comes as a breath of fresh air. Since the past 5 years, Lemontree Media has been putting together a body of work that sparkles with originality. In films that shine with integrity.
Films that break the sameness barrier.
Take for example, our Corporate films. They crystallize the core philosophy of the client while imparting a unique flair and flavor to the message. Call it the “Lemontree Touch”. A fresh approach that adds new dimensions and depth to the storyline. In this way, the client’s project, product or service is projected in the best possible light. And most importantly – the film clearly spells out what the client’s company is all about and what it does. All in a convincing package that motivates employees and inspires trust among consumers.
The Documentaries we produce explore the range of human emotion in fresh, interesting ways. They rise above mere commentaries about people and places to become inspirational vehicles that provoke thought and action.