Lena MacDonald

Door County Wisconsin

I grew up in a small town, population 876. Considering the fact that 450 of those counted people are sharing aretirement community together it is by far smaller than it appears. My school building was kindergarten through twelfth grade. The same kids I went to preschool and daycare with are whom I shared most of my life’s moments….good and bad.
Through the boredom of a small community, as friends were choosing “alternative” choices of entertainment, I realized I had to follow my own path. I was determined not to follow their lead. I turned to my passion for music as a way to distract and immerse myself in activities that distracted me from the easy way of ‘going with the crowd’. I set the goal to be involved with everything I could possibly do with performing, singing and songwriting in my small town.
I believe I have always been a singer to my core but it wasn’t until after my junior year of high school that I signed my identity over to singing.
In my junior year I won the Miss Door County’s Outstanding Teen Pageant. With this title I took every opportunity to perform at Pageant events throughout the year. I also trained in interview skills; poise and etiquette, which helped me, becomes a strong stage performer. The surprising gift was the training in leadership, which was what I came away with in the volunteering aspect of the Miss Outstanding Teen program.
The same year I won Door County Idol (a vocal competition based on American Idol) and I knew singing was what I wanted to do. I had auditioned the year before and the judges told me I wasn't ready. That alone fueled my fire to go back the next year and win. Idol taught me that confidence in your craft only comes from hard work and passion, taking criticism and listening to your gut instincts.
Because of the fact that I wrote and performed an original song at the Door county Idol Competition I was asked to participate in the week long Steel Bridge Singer-Songwriter Festival. I emceed and performed in their Young Songwriters Showcase.
My senior year of high school I decided two weeks before school started that I was ready. I was ready for change. I auditioned for a new program at Interlochen Arts Academy. A boarding school in upper Michigan for young artists to study. My senior year was filled with students just like myself. It was a difficult year where I was pushed but I fell in love with music all over again. It was a great experience that I will never forget.
Now, I stud

  • Work
    • Northern Grill and Pizza
  • Education
    • Interlochen Arts Academy
    • Columbia College Chicago