Lena Bitare

Marikina, Philippines

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Customer Service Representative worked previously on a graveyard shift. Whenever boredom strikes, my mind starts to wander.

I love to reflect about life and love, I love observing people. I'm a combination of a pessimist and an optimist.

I hate being misunderstood.

I love nature and music, I love painting and art, though they don't love me back. Singing is my passion. I love to write and to talk, for it has been my outlet for the past years.

I appreciate beauty. I dislike disloyalty in any form.

I appreciate kindess and softness, hardness will be welcome too.

I'm living with my brother and father. My mother died in 2012 due to stage 4 breast cancer.

I'm in love with love and love to be loved, although I may not be good at showing it, I'd love to express through words and music. Well, I have no choice.

I love traveling and seeing beautiful places, calm and serene waters are my favorite.

It's a bit difficult to understand me at times. I'm undefinable.