Lena Oxton

Artist in Hell, Michigan

Lena Oxton

Artist in Hell, Michigan

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~Agent EVA, reporting in!

hi im lena. i use she/her pronouns and i am a lesbian.

i had severe ADHD and some other stuff but the adhd is the only thing that effects conversation with me. im typically super nice !!!! i love talking to new friends and especially people from my canons.

speaking of canons.

?? idk me

Lena Oxton/Tracer- Overwatch

EVA- Metal Gear


Oliver- Vocaloid

Nadia Fortune- Skullgirls

Otacon- Metal Gear Solid

i know mccree, reaper, 76, widowmaker, genji, hanzo, and hana from ow. i know all my skullgirls canonmates. im not really looking for anyone from MGS, but if you are from MGS and would like to talk, i am here!

my only comfort characters are Eliza from Skullgirls and Psycho Mantis. don't follow if you're kin with them, please! (i know my mantis and seeing Eliza just makes me uncomfortable.)

my hyperfixation is engloid. i will also blabber about overwatch, skullgirls and mgs. expect a lot of that and fan art for that. i am very bad at focusing so i mostly like videogames a lot more than movies (oops.)

i am dating @bastionbirb and love her so much. she is kin with dave strider, solid snake, widowmaker, and squigly contiello. don't follow if you have issue with her.

i am qpps with hana. i love hana very much! please don't follow if you are kin with bucky barnes or hana song. my other qpp is wally! he's @wallapot and i lov him lots. dont follow if youre kin with solidier 76, psycho mantis, or jacket.

my vent account is @metalgearray, and i might follow you on it if i feel like i trust you enough. please don't screenshot anything from it, but it does mostly exist so my friends can provide support.

dm me "ok im not trolling here but, are, snake and otacon, you know, that way" to get in!