Lena Rai


* ~ * She Speaks Again * ~ *
What kind of reaction will I get when I pull her body close to mine?
When I run my long finger nails through her well-groomed hair?
When I feel her baby soft skin running my legs up hers?
How will her conscience play her when I make her quiver so?
When I make her doubt everything she ever believed about her sexuality?
To be more than the crying shoulder, the sympathy stretch, or the smile. .
To be more than the overwhelming orgasm that seemed to last all night . . .
To be more than the voice that succulently seduces her every thought. . .
To be more than the woman she seems to coo over when she speaks softly.. .
To be more than just the beautiful face her dreams relive when she sleeps. . .
My little secret is a vision that holds true even if only in thought.
My little secret goes farther than the furthest ocean and its motion.
My little secret has a deeper meaning than most psychologists see.
My little secret is more than I can explain or even demonstrate.
This female inside of me.


By ChristophFischerBooks TOP 1000 REVIEWER
Format:Kindle Edition

"Secrets of the Velvet Closet: A Memoir" by Lena Rai is the story of a Native Indian Lesbian who grew up in unstable circumstances, from trailer parks to block homes; her life with varying step father figures and a string of male and female partners, always struggling with her sexuality, her image, looking for place in society and for lasting love.
It is a brave and soul bearing book that shows the authors life with honesty and allows the reader a close look at and deep into Rai's mind and heart. It is the portrayal of a search for happiness and for her identity, a book of struggle and persistence that will pull at your heart strings. Very powerful and moving.

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