Lenard Kritchman

Business Development, Business Strategy, and Product Management in Jupiter, Florida

I thoroughly enjoy analyzing systems and findingways to improve operational performance, increase revenues in existing marketsand finding new niche markets to increase the bottom line. In today's diversetechnological atmosphere, I crave to be on the forefront of innovation. Thewheel has already been created, but new more efficient, productive and costeffective wheels (SaaS) are being introduced into the marketplace all the time.

Life experiences have given me a chameleon likeability to comfortably fit into any Ethnic or Social Group.

My skill set after years of nurturing: DecisionMaking, Marketing, Tenacity, Adaptability, Creative Problem Solving, StrategicThinking, Leadership Skills, Multicultural Awareness, Entrepreneurship, QuantitativeSkills, Motivation/Drive, Communication Skills, Work Collaboratively,Exceptional Listener, Computer Literacy/Technical, Interpersonal abilities,Planning/Organization

  • Work
    • Papaya's Natural Foods & Cafe
  • Education
    • Major Adlerian Psychology & Minor Business Administration
    • Rollins College