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Whether you manage and service one loan, or a million loans, Lending Pro Software is your “go to” solution for all of your loan servicing needs! Over ten years of programming went into this state-of-the-art Windows based software, and it is second to none. This 2010 edition “20 Loan Lite Version” has all of the features of our full version of the software, but is economy priced for the small lender who manages and services up to 20 loans. The loan servicing software keeps perfect track of all payments, and accurately calculates the portion of each payment that is to be applied to interest, principal, escrow, late fees, etc. This mortgage software also provides an extensive suite of report options, including but not limited to, account history, promises to pay, payment coupons, monthly billings, late notices, escrow balances, loan payoffs, insurance and property tax renewals, accounting reports, and 1098 interest statements. This software handles all types of loans including standard mortgages, installment loans, interest only loans, HELOCs, balloon payments, etc.

The loans may be amortized daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, quarterly, and annually! We also provide a free one hour “net session” with one of our tech support specialists who will set up this software on your computer and who will provide you with the initial training that you will need to get started with this software.

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