Lenecia Knighton


Lenecia Knighton is embarking on a journey for a more fit and healthy lifestyle before she reaches her 40th birthday next year. She is a resident of Georgia and participates in half marathons often. She is looking forward to seeing the results of her diet and exercise over the next few months and has been inspired by her friend Monica who lives in Washington, D.C. Although there is no weight loss goal in mind, Lenecia watches what she eats and exercises regularly.

In addition to her interest in fitness, she is also an avid reader. She enjoys mysteries, biographies and autobiographies, and collects cookbooks. Unlike many readers who opt for electronic copies, Lenecia enjoys reading hard copies of books even though she has a kindle. She calls herself a "true page turner," not reading many online publications outside of the newspaper and reads about every two days. The most recent book she read was "Google Bomb: The Untold Story of the 11.3M Verdict that Changed the Way We Use the Internet" by Sue Scheff. A few of her favorite works include Little Scarlet, Diablerie and Fear of the Dark.
She has loved to read since childhood and enjoys anything by Cornel West, Walter Mosely and Maya Angelou. When she wants to relieve some stress, she will dive into a magazine.