Leona Lengyel


Leona Lengyel is a London based fashion designer and artist. Her love for art and design started at an early age in Hungary where she was born and raised in a very creative family of jewellers. She conveys strong cultural messages as a designer, while simultaneously as an artist she shows her extremely colourful inner world.

She creates exquisite luxury silk scarves, wearable art and resort wear fashion which she brands 'Léna'. 'My scarves are digitally reproduced onto luxurious silk satin from my hand painted original silk scarves as I was looking for a way to transform my original oil paintings into wearable art.' Each scarf is intended to be worn out on the town or hung on a wall as a beautiful work of art.

All scarves are made in England.

Currently she is seeking ways to grow her business into the wholesale market nationally and internationally.

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