Alton Byrd

Strategist - Growth Facilitator - Coach - Author - Former NBA and NFL Executive

With the ability to see humor in everything, I bring a positive outlook with me wherever I go. Known for my ability to see the potential in everyone I meet, I have a playful nature that can pull a smile out of even the most cynical of corporate warriors.

The breadth of my experience is rather expansive as I have successfully navigated corporate strategies through the sports, entertainment, food and beverage, retail, and home building industries.

My professional background has driven me across multiple continents and has taught me a real appreciation for embracing diversity because it creates phenomenal results!

First and foremost, I am a strategist. I will find a way around, over, beneath, or even through the current trouble, perceived issue, and profit limitation to a brand new solution that can drive the results you need.

Born and raised in San Francisco, I am a father, brother, son, and much loved by my mother. I have traveled to 121 cities around the globe and never met a person who wasn't interesting in their own right.

My innate strength lies in my ability to overcome challenges and to transform that which wants to be transformed (and even some that does not), but my greatest fear is that before I die, there will be a worldwide potato crop epidemic...

...because I have never met a French fry that I didn't like.