Lenina Mortimer

I’ve always felt like my purpose was to share what I know with other people and remind them that their story matters.

This purpose drives my career as a digital journalist, sharing information that inspires people of diverse backgrounds through the print stories I write and the podcasts and videos I create.

My ambition to introduce diverse voices and opinions to online media motivated me to create my latest project, “Woman of Action with Lenina.” WoA is an award winning interview series on YouTube. We speak to CEOs and creatives about what inspires them into action and they share tips that is meant to inspire our audience into action.

Over the years I’ve contributed web content to publications such as The Economist, The Daily Beast, Good Housekeeping magazine, The Legislative Gazette and AMBERmag.com. And I’ve reported on a diverse range of topics from higher education to politics and fashion.

Outside of work, I've lent my story editing skills as a mentor and teacher to New York City teens who aspire to journalism careers.